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Public Safety

Hytera Professional Trunking Solution includes DMR and Tetra trunking solution, which are the major standard widely deployed for public safety industry around the world. Both DMR and Tetra products are fully compliant with the open standard, supporting flexible networking from single-site to nation-wide networks. Reliability and safety are the top concerns in Hytera professional trunking system, multi-level redundancy and fallback guarantee high reliability. And Hytera also offers many security-related functions and features, such as authentication, end to end encryption, ESN check, kill/stun/revive and monitor functions to guarantee high security of the system.

Hytera Video Surveillance Solution provides real-time central monitoring of places such as traffic intersections, public places, and high-risk areas with HD monitoring devices. The system supports collection, selection, and storage of all required video information, and is able to display the information on the large screen of the video surveillance center.